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It’s official. You know that I’m missing you. #cover #tamia #OfficiallyMissingYou #Literally

Lets run away and don’t ever look back. #KatyPerry #TeenageDream #tb #ots #cover

Yeah 3x - Chris Brown (cover) #kollaborationtoronto #kollaboration #cover #youtube

Yeah 3x - Chris Brown (cover) #kollaborationtoronto #kollaboration #cover #youtube

16/07/2012 | Don’t Cry (cover) - AJ Libramonte & Julie Lee

So here’s the final product. Big thanks to Andrew Kim who recorded this song at his AK studios. And thanks to Julie who made this duet with me!

Sorry for my poor pronunciation! 

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14/07/2012 | “Don’t Cry” AJ Libramonte feat. Julie Lee

Here’s a quick snippet of the cover Julie and I made of Park Bom’s Don’t Cry song.

31/05/2012 | Thinking About You (cover)

Last cover of the month! Goodbye May, hello June!


05/08/2012 | Quick OTS Acapella “Boyfriend” cover

So I don’t have my laptop atm and I wanted to make a cover, so I used my crappy cam on my android to take it. I felt like the biggest douche saying swag 3 times… never again. LOL Enjoy the this quick cover of Justin Bieber’s new song “Boyfriend”.

03/05/2012 | Slow Motion (cover)

This is my quick cover on Karina Pasian’s Slow Motion

09/04/2012 | A House is not a Home (cover)

This is me auditioning for TFC Talent Search with Luther Vandross “A House is not a Home”


03/03/2012 | Retake on Brown Eyed Blues

I actually decided I wanted to put this cover on youtube but I didn’t wanted to be shirtless so I redid it. Just so I can put it on facebook lol :)

#cover  #youtube  

03/03/2012 | Brown Eyed Blues (cover)

When I heard this song I knew I just had to make a cover of it. Sorry that I’m shirtless, I’m actually just folding my laundry lol. 

27/02/2012 | Don’t Cry (cover)

My first time doing a Korean cover on Park Bom’s Don’t Cry.
I am so so so so so sorry if I screwed up the words! 

25/02/2012 | Feeling Good (cover)

My rendition of Michael Buble’s Feeling good accompanied by Ken de los Santos. This was made last year preparing for Kollaboration Toronto 2011.

08/02/2012 | Teenage Dream (cover)